The field of international product development and design has undergone a significant transformation, transitioning into a high‐tech environment. Pakistan’s industrial sectors are now in dire need of skilled and agile professionals who can compete globally. Furthermore, the development of technological and manufacturing industries, both locally and foreign, is contingent upon the availability of a skilled and trained workforce. Addressing this need across the country, the Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) has established a CAD/CAM training center in Peshawar, similar to the NIDA centers located in four other major cities of Pakistan.

NIDA Peshawar has been successfully offering diversified trade training, with an emphasis on product design training using the latest Computer Aided Designing and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software tools, industrial automation, product lifecycle management (PLM), and project management techniques. To continually enhance its training standards, NIDA‐Peshawar has collaborated with numerous universities, national and international NGOs, and government departments. Our exceptional classrooms and state‐of‐the‐art computer labs provide demanding practical exercises, contributing to our high‐quality training programs.

NIDA‐Peshawar has been recognized for its outstanding performance in the financial year 2010‐2011, having trained the highest number of manpower and launched new courses on contemporary technologies among all NIDA centers. Since our inception, we have conducted more than 925 courses, successfully certifying over 6200 students and professionals who have contributed significantly to the national economy. Our training programs have fostered a vibrant community of passionate learners, eagerly pursuing their educational goals. We take pride in our ability to equip individuals with cutting‐edge skills in the CAD/CAM, technology, and vocational and technical training sectors. At NIDA‐Peshawar, we strive to provide our students with the best possible training to compete in a rapidly evolving job market. Join us today and enhance your career prospects.

NIDA Mission

  • Rapid skill development and continuous improvement through technical trainings focused on technology upgradation to facilitate product design and development processes.

  • Change the current Industrial environment from analogue to digital

  • Design & Analysis to the next level

  • An active platform between Industry and Academia

  • Facilitate Development & Prototyping services for the industry

NIDA Objectives

  • Multidisciplinary training in design using CAD/CAM tools

  • Enhance competitiveness in local and International Market

  • Overcome shortage of CAD/CAM/PLM trained human resource

  • Reduce reliance on foreign technology, tools, and designs

  • Add innovation into product and reduce “time to market”

  • To liaison with Academia and Industry to bring them on a common platform

  • To develop a skilled and vibrant technical and industrial community

  • Facilitate research on technologies used in Pakistan with global benchmarking

  • Facilitate research on latest technologies available for upgrading important industrial sectors

  • Assist and support industrial clusters on technology acquisition and develop technology

Reasons to Join NIDA

  • Authentic certificate issued by government of Pakistan

  • Better Job Prospects

  • Enhance Your Income

  • Develop your expertise

  • Become a CAD/CAM professional

  • Convert your design into products

  • Be a “Designer” rather than just a ‘software operator’