NIDA – Quetta has been established as another step towards ‘bridging the digital divide’ existing between Pakistan’s industrial sector and the global avenue of product development. The Quetta center has been contrived in the Owais Ahmed Ghani Research Centre of the Baluchistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences – BUITEMS. The center was premiered on March, 2007 by H.E. Owais Ahmed Ghani, the Governor of Baluchistan. Since its instigation NIDA – Quetta is offering training in advanced CAD./CAM design and development software tools. The center is propagating the integral vision of NIDA that is nurturing the technological up-gradation in the local industries of Baluchistan with the provision of ingeniously skillful human resource and design services. NIDA – Quetta is equipped with state-of- the-art instruction facilities, class rooms and computer lab for the practical implementation of the trainings.Up till now NIDA- Quetta has inculcated more than 195 courses training and more than 2770 students and industry personnel. All of the NIDA – Quetta Certified graduates are dexterously serving and adding value to their respective fields and organizations. Currently more than 25 students are enrolled.