Assimilation of technology up-gradation helps expedite value-addition while enhancing productivity. Mass production of high-value products will ultimately bootstrap the economy to increase the gross domestic product (GDP). Technology up-gradation in developing countries can take them to the next development/time curve. In Pakistan, with abundant human resource, the use of modern techniques and skill development will help ‘jump the curve’ to the further orbits of economic progress. A series of ‘jumps’ to the higher levels through technology up-gradation will close the gap to reach parity with the developed world.

Our Vision

To be the premier knowledge management company on technology upgradation and related skills and the first choice of the Government of Pakistan, provincial governments and multi funding agencies to implement initiatives to enhance innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and competitiveness at the firm’s level.

Our Mission

To upgrade technology and skills of key and strategic industrial clusters and connect Pakistan to the global value chain


  • Promote and establish Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Centres by establishing common facility, design, support and maintenance, testing, certification, incubation, applied research and dissemination centres
  • To up-grade and transfer technology in targeted industrial sectors to enhance their productivity and competitiveness in the local as well as global sphere
  • Advice on technology policy, technology benchmarks, standards and  regulations while performing  technology specific sectoral mapping
  • Encourage and promote innovation, creativity and competitiveness
  • Create enabling environment for the growth and support of entrepreneurship
  • Chalking out the critical margins of skill development in the reflection of socio-economic backdrop of a specific geographical area or as an indication of industrial requirement