Project Establishment of Naphtha Cracking Complex (NCC)
Implementing Agency Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company – TUSDEC
Funding Agency MoIP, Govt. of Pakistan (PSDP Project)


TUSDEC identified the need of establishing “Naphtha Cracking Complex (NCC)” in Pakistan. Naphtha cracking will produce many important raw materials for plastic manufacturing. Naphtha is cracked by the process of catalytic cracking whereby the raw materials including Polyethylene, Ethylene, Butadiene, BTX and others will be produced that will surely limit the need of imports from countries. As the Government of Pakistan is cognizant of the importance and the potential of chemicals and petrochemicals industry, TUSDEC developed Concept Paper of Naphtha Cracking Complex (NCC) and shared with Ministry of Industries & Production which was further shared with Planning Commission. TUSDEC has developed PC-II to conduct formal feasibility study which can be utilized for Govt. funding, multilateral & bilateral funding or international joint ventures. The Feasibility Study will engage international experts / consultants to carry out technical, financial, legal, economic and operational sustainability of initiative. The study will be carried out in 12 months duration with a cost of PKR. 296.82 million.

Aims and Objectives of Naphtha Cracking Complex

The Complex aims importing contemporary technology machinery along with skill enhancement together with practical production training. This would be accomplished through following objectives; 

  • Establishment of Naphtha Cracker Complex (NCC) to obtain necessary raw materials required for different manufacturing industries
  • R&D / training facility in petrochemical manufacturing that will contribute in other manufacturing industries ranging from construction, home décor, appliances, furniture, medical care, paints, cleaning stuff and top of them military gadgets
  • Support to manufacturing sector of Pakistan through raw material import substitution, savings in terms of foreign exchange, creating employment boom in different sectors of economy
  • Reducing risk of supply shortages as of import delays through local manufacturing
  • Facilitation to local manufacturers through accomplishment of globally recognized certifications.

The proposed location for this project will be Gwadar while the feasibility study will explore and suggest highly potential area for establishment of Electronics Complex. Naphtha Cracking Complex (NCC) is a large scale initiative and requiring billions of investment through Public Private Partnership. The Government of Pakistan is cognizant of the importance and the potential of the chemicals and petrochemicals industry.

Based on the findings / recommendations of the working group and associated experts, PC-IIs will develop to assist the potential sectors for entering the high value market.