TUSDEC partnered with Engro Foundation and PCESSDC (Pakistan Chemical & Energy Sector Skills Development Company) for the implementation of Gas and Electric Welding course in Dharki, Ghotki, Sindh. The course formally commenced on April 12, 2012 with an overall duration of three and half months. Prior to the formal course commencement, TUSDEC organized the entry assessments and filtered 18 trainees out of the locally mobilized pool of candidates. These trainees have been trained against the token fee of Rs. 500 which was mainly utilized for the motivational events for the trainees.

With its compact experience of technical and vocational trainings TUSDEC facilitated its adroit input in curricula formulation to comprehend the applied aspects of the course. Highly proficient trainers were arranged to impart the pragmatic yet edifying course content. TUSDEC has conducted the mid term and final term examinations of the candidates followed by a graduation ceremony on 31st July 2012 to certify the pass-out candidates. The ceremony was held at Ambassador’s Inn at Dharki and was attended by senior officials from Engro Foundation, PCESSDC and TUSDEC. Tool kits were distributed among the successful candidates so that they can conveniently practice their attained skill sets at any of their employment fronts. Sustaining the programme efficacy TUSDEC has also made sure to arrange for the internships for all of the pass-out candidates. Meticulously proceeding the project TUSDEC has  rendered sound operational, human resource and administration support at the training venue in Dharki.

The programme aimed at enabling the livelihood opportunities for the immodest community through technical vocational skill development. During the course the core emphasis has been laid down on the practical trainings, preparing the trainees to be able to earn out their living becoming a skillful resource for the country’s economy. The course simulates TUSDEC former pursuits of vocational skills development in Southern Punjab, KP and FATA regions.