Headquartered in Lahore, CR&DI offers quality testing services for cement and allied materials compliant to the following international and national standards:

  • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • British Standards Specifications (BSS)
  • Indian Standards Specifications (IS)
  • Pakistan Standards Specifications (PSS)
  • Sri Lankan Cement Standards (SLS)


Serve the cement and construction industry by providing materials testing according to international standards, diversifying production outputs, initiating adoption of new technologies, specification standardizing, acting as an effective liaison between cement producers and consumers as well as conducting research on cement and allied materials


Cement Research and Development Institute (CR&DI) was established in 1983 by the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan (SCCP) under the administrative control of Ministry of Industries & Production. The institute started well providing testing services to the Kalabagh Dam project and to 14 cement factories. However, with the passage of years it lurked into dormancy. In 2005, TUSDEC (Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company) was entrusted the task of rejuvenating the institute, reactivating its laboratory and testing facilities. CR&DI consequently relaunched its operations on 16 January 2006.