Project Industrial Designing and Automation Centres (IDAC)
Implementing Agency Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company
Funding Agency MoIP, Govt. of Pakistan (PSDP Project)

Project will play an important role in achieving targets by Vision 2025 which mentions to promote the knowledge based economy, “the Government will continue to intensify efforts towards innovation and technology-led development to meet the requirements of a knowledge-based economy”. To complement the efforts of the Government, the private sector will need to keep pace with the technology advancements in the global environment as well as expand their capacity in R & D. The facility will not only act as a dedicated institute to serve in Automation/ Simulation, 3D Scanning, Designing, Prototyping, Training and HR development but also will create a demonstration effect to attract stakeholders and encourage technology transfer.


  • Optimization of manufacturing processes through Industrial designing.

  • Improved productivity through process automation of key industries

  • Digitization- Design & Analysis support to Industry

  • HRD through simulation exercises/ Advanced Software


  • 3D Laser Scanners (Reverse Engineering/Designing)

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing/ Prototyping)

  • Advanced Industrial Automation

  • Latest Design and Development Software (Aspen HYSYS, CAESAR-II, COMPRESS, CREO, STAADPRO, AUTOPLANT, CADWorx, PV Elite)