Light Engineering Upgradation Centre (LEUC) is a Common Facility and Skill Development Centre. It is supporting the engineering sector in Hub Baluchistan including but not limited to companies of the automobile sector, textile, agriculture machinery and parts, heavy engineering, light engineering etc. The centre has an area of 2 Acres. LEUC was merged into TUSDEC in June 2021. The project cost was 264.8 million.

Centre is providing services related to the designing and development of production Tools, Dies and Moulds. LEUC is also offering services for the fabrication of machines along with injection molding services of plastic parts.

The objective is to provide the Hub and neighboring industries access to modern machines available today. Technical assistance is also available while training on modern technologies/machines is also provided. Hence, LEUC is acting as a Common Facility and Skill Development Centre for local industries and individuals.