In partnership with ADB, TUSDEC built the Light Engineering Upgradation Centre for SMEs in Baluchistan (LEUC), which would give local businesses the chance to expand their product lines with cutting-edge design, training, technical support, and consulting services. The facility will also include a technical support centre with workshops for mechanical/fabrication, electrical/electronics, HVAC, and furniture manufacturing. The centre will contain a services department for providing the targeted industry with equipment manufacturing, repair, and maintenance services. Additionally, LEUC will support a design and R&D department to carry out product development and designing tasks, as well as a testing and quality evaluation department (Laboratory) with a variety of testing and evaluation equipment for local industry. Certificate and diploma programmes will be offered through the Skill Development and Technical Training Center at LEUC.

Focused Industries

  • Automobile

  • Auto parts, Steel & Products

  • Electrical Goods, Metal parts/products

  • Plastic Industry

Project Facilities

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centre (VMC),

  • CNC Turning Centre

  • Wire Cut

  • EDM Machine

  • Injection Moulding Machine

Material Testing Lab

  • Microscope

  • Profile projector

  • Universal Tensile Testing machine

  • Carbon Sulphur Determinater

  • Eddy Current Tester

  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Conventional Machining Section

  • Universal Milling Machine

  • Lathe Machine

  • Shaper Machine

  • Planer Machine

  • Radial Drill Machine

  • Drill Machine

  • Surface grinder

  • Cylindrical grinder