Project Technical Skills Development in Sindh and Balochistan
Implementing Agency Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company – TUSDEC
Funding Agency GIZ Pakistan
Project Durationv 26 Months (1st Jan 2019 – 28 Feb 2021)


Objective and description of the project

The primary aim of the Project promoted by the grant is provision of workplace-based training in Sindh and Balochistan which is in line with the National Vocational Qualification Framework. This overall objective is defined by the following benchmarks:

  • To impart training to 900 trainees (700 male and 200 female) jointly with the partnering enterprises using cooperative vocational training approach for demand driven trades
  • To encourage competency-based training delivery and assessments in line with the Balochistan Sector Study;
  • To promote and strengthen the engagement of private sector in training design, coordination and delivery, leading to employment

Project measures financed by the financial contribution

Measure 1: Project Preparation

  1. Identification of training needs (skills needs) and selection of national vocational qualification;
  2. Identification, selection and registration of the trainees;
  3. Joint development of operational (training) plan for trades;
  4. Capacity building of trainers by Industry Experts;

Measure 2:   Training

  1. Institution-based (Classroom) training of trainees as per the joint operational plan;
  2. Cooperative Vocational training of 900 trainees (700 male and 200 female) as per the joint operational plan;
  3. Maintenance of the trainee record;

Measure 3: Assessment and Certification Process

  1. Affiliation and registration of the trainees as per the joint operational plan;
  2. Conducting formative and integrated assessment of 900 trainees;
  3. Certificate issuance and distribution of the trainees; 

Measure 4:

  1. Atleast 620 trainees are facilitated with employment opportunities in the partnering or other enterprises;
  2. Atleast 280 trainees are facilitated with self-employment opportunities through the defined strategies