TUSDEC Intervention towards Women Empowerment

Active role of women can not be unheeded in the virtue of developing a salubrious society. The prevalent suppression enforced by the stereotype constraints  posed by traditions and customs have pushed the modest gender in the circumference of unjust forfeiture and below the level social treatment. Women specifically from low income groups incorporate to the household incomes in perfect equity to their male counterparts while lagging the due recognition for their work. The social insecurity prevalent to the women in our country finds its origin back in the lack of formal educational and training for them which incisively  hampers  their stance of economic empowerment, social security, freedom from social crisis. The diminution of formal training, certification and necessary exposure to professional environ pertain many working women to miseries like workplace harassment and other offenses triggered from pervasive socioeconomic gender discrimination.

In the aim of promoting a gender-wise impartial society, TUSDEC has been conducting numerous specialized vocational training courses for women. Multiple training programs have been organized through NIDA, Skill Tech Karachi and under TUSDEC’s collusion with BISP (Benazir Income Support Fund) aimed at female manpower cultivation in Pakistan.

Specialized vocational training through formal institutes enumerates the employment opportunities for women in the form of a job or self-employment. The exposure yielded through such programs enhance their efficiency while elevating the levels of self-worth and reliability which further result into the improved awareness of rights and confidence to pursue for them. In all its pursuits towards women skill development TUSDEC deems to  proactively enable the modest women population to earn their living decently out of the formal employment opportunities. The company also perpetuates its efforts towards women entrepreneurship with the vision of endowing the country with an agile female skill base contributing to the country’s economic acceleration.

TUSDEC has collaborated  with First Women Bank Limited to effectuate the GEP – Gender Equity Program sponsored by USAID for a period of two years for the capacity building and skill development of women specifically from low income groups. The program seeks to facilitate behavioral change in society by enabling women to access information, resources and institutions, and improve societal attitudes towards women’s rights issues. It is catalyzing critical groups in society to influence policy, legislation and programs for the increased women economic and political power in society. TUSDEC appreciates and looks forward to such prospective collaborations aiming at the establishment of a sustainable society autonomous from the strains of women socioeconomic vulnerability.