Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) respects your privacy and is committed to protect your personal information. This section details our policy on any data collection, protection and any use of your information while providing the services and information you request over the Internet.
This policy is not applicable to any third party suppliers, (other departments, organizations and other companies or individuals) who, from time to time may perform some specialized activity for TUSDEC. If any personal information is supplied to these third parties in order for them to perform their agreed activities, TUSDEC will ensure that they are aware of their obligations under Law.

Information collection
TUSDEC, from time to time and to conduct its business may collect the following personal information, for the following purposes:
contact details and names of participants in surveys, polls, questionnaires organized by us or for us.

  • contact details and names of participants/users or visitors to the website and surveys placed on the website to help analyze an industrial cluster, its activities and needs for direct contact purposes, unless advised otherwise.
  • contact details and names of individuals, corporations or other entities who have requested and prior notice of of any events, seminars, workshops or special events to be conducted by TUSDEC, so that the notice may be provided;
  • contact details and names of subscribers to any current or future TUSDEC on-line and email newsletters, so that the service is provided, unless advised otherwise;
  • contact details and names of subscribers to any of the sections of the TUSDEC website that require registration for access, so that the access is provided, unless advised otherwise.
  • contact details and names of registrants of the TUSDEC website who participate in any survey towards the development of a user database, so that improved features and other content may be provided, unless advised otherwise.

At the time of collection of the above information, where possible, TUSDEC will:

  • inform the surfer or visitor to the website of the purpose;
  • request the surfer or visitor to the website for consent to the proposed use of his/her personal information; and
  • give the surfer or visitor to the website an option to refuse receiving of newsletters, promotional materials, survey materials, invitations or other information.

Information storage
TUSDEC will ensure that any personal information is stored securely and the methodology will be:

  • storage of records on paper in a physically secure place;
  • use of encrypted and appropriate access controls in relation to the TUSDEC information systems; and
  • storage of electronic format information in as a secure and protected database which is inaccessible via  internet.

Use of information
TUSDEC will only use the information collected and store it for the purpose that has been communicated or for which consent has been obtained.

  • TUSDEC may, from time to time, carry out research using the information in order to improve its  products, services or business strategy. This research analysis would be carried out using aggregate information not related to specific individuals.
  • TUSDEC may, from time to time, use the information to communicate with users or potential users of TUSDEC services about a product or service offering which may be of interest to them. Each time TUSDED makes such contact the entity contacted will be asked whether they wish to receive or not receive any further communications. If advised in the form of refusal no further communications of that nature will be transmitted by TUSDEC

Disclosure of information

  • TUSDEC will not disclose or share your personal information except as described in this policy or when TUSDEC is legally required to do.

Further information
Please feel free to contact TUSDEC for any further information pertaining to user information. You may also do so if at any time your details change or you would like access to the information collected or if you do not wish to receive offers or other information.
Please contact TUSDEC’s Information Officer by emailing