TUSDEC roots of instigation links back to the Prime Minister’s Directive in October 2004 to set up an implementing Institution in order to materialize the aim of Technology Up-gradation in the key industrial sectors of the country. Following the verve of value addition TUSDEC has been incorporated in 2005 as a not for profit, guarantee limited company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (PIDC). Since then TUSDEC is being successfully managed by a public-private partnership with its 2/3 board members from private and 1/3 from public sector. The organization was entirely funded by Government of Pakistan with a paid up Capital of Rs.150 Million which is further divided into 15 Million shares of Rs. 10 each.

Few of TUSDEC’s most integral goals, chalked out of its visionary rudiment are;

  • Establishment of Technology Upgradation Centers (TUCs) in order to supply the channels of Technology acquisitions.
  • To run the TUCs by cluster based public/private partnerships.
  • Formation of Common Facility Centers.(SDC)
  • Establishment of Design, Support and Maintenance Centers.
  • Manage to coincide the SDCs with TUCs.
  • Chalking out the margins of skill development in the most critical areas.
  • Initializing and monitoring the skill development initiatives.