ToT (Training of Trainers) Solar Technology

For the last few years Pakistan has been facing worst energy crisis of its history which is badly damaging its development progression. While exploring other energy resources simultaneously, there is a great focus on generating solar energy in Pakistan. Pakistan receives bright sun shine round the year, thus the scope of producing electricity through solar energy is highly encouraging. The government has taken various initiatives in this regard which in consequence will expand the solar industry of the country. Therefore, the requirement of skilled labour is the natural corollary to this development. The existing training facilities for solar technology are experiencing problems like dearth of qualified instructors and modern equipment and especially in Sindh such facilities are far short of satisfactory level. Such a grim situation on capacity building front is hampering the development of solar technology. In view of the foregoing facts, TUSDEC and RDF/Oxfam Novib, in partnership, designed two TOTs (Training of Trainer) courses to upgrade skills of electrical trainers from Sindh in the field of solar technology. The trainings took place from June 03, 2014 to June 07, 2014 and from June 09, 2014 to June 14, 2014 at TUSDEC facility in Lahore.