Answer: Enable the trainees to perform to carry out not only Solar Photovoltaic sizing, designing, installation & maintenance jobs but also skill the trainees to become entrepreneur in solar technologies.

Answer: The total duration of Solar Photovoltaic course is 3 months. Classes will be 5 days in a week.

Answer: Its free course for all the selected students. PSDF is the funding agency.

Answer: The student will be able to design of solar PV system, differentiate between types of batteries, charge controllers, inverters and solar modules,  installation,  operations and maintenance of PV system, and understand basic tools handling safety measures, carry out basic mathematical calculations and domestic electrical wiring and Entrepreneurial sense.

Answer: After completing this course, learner can start his/her career as solar technician or even setup his own enterprise.

Answer: Yes, extraordinary performers will get the opportunity of on job training where they would polish their skills by gaining up to date techniques and on field experience.