SMEDA has been tasked with an advisory role in the implementation of PM’s Youth Business Loan by providing

56 Pre-feasibilities,
Business Plan Template & Guidelines,
Information on relevant government institutions and technical experts
Providing Info pack at SMEDA Helpdesks, which contains all the necessary information like:
List of Pre-feasibilities
Business plan template and guidelines
This information is also available, free of cost, on SMEDA’s website:

SMEDA services are free of cost.
Pre-feasibilities and FAQs for 56 pre-feasibility studies can be read and downloaded from SMEDA Website:
Helpdesk officers across 25 locations are primary contacts for providing details. Additionally, please visit SMEDA website:, which will provide you all necessary details.
Consultants will provide customized guidance for business plan development. Experts may be contacted for guidance on sector specific queries. However, private sector experts / consultants usually charge for their services.
This usually varies from consultant to consultant. It is between the consultant and the seeker of consultancy to decide upon the price.
Certainly. SMEDA has provided a standard Business Plan Template, Guidelines to Develop Business Plan, and Financial Calculators to assist applicants who wish to develop their own Business Plans.
SMEDA and Virtual University are developing training video documentaries in the following fields

Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Development
Product Design & Development
Marketing and Distribution Plan
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Business Process Outsourcing, Formal documentation, etc.
ICT Services, Website for e-enabling SMEs
These training documentaries will be shown on PTV and Virtual University, and the schedule will be made known to the public so that they can improve their knowledge about different ways of doing better business by watching these programs.

The applicant can start any business of his / her own choice. It is not necessary that a loan applicant has to make a project only on the pre-feasibilities prepared by SMEDA. You can select to do any useful business. You can develop a Business Plan / Feasibility / Project Proposal on your own and submit it directly to the participating banks for evaluation. Additionally, applicants can benefit from the following information, which is available, free of cost, on SMEDA’s website.

Business plan template and related FAQs
Group training sessions at SMEDA’s 25 Helpdesks
This information is available at SMEDA
website ( and 25 SMEDA Helpdesks.