TUSDEC – Future Projects

(Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala & Faisalabad)
The core objective of these Centres will be to supply the pool of trained professionals to bowl over the paucity of proficient manpower in the areas of product design and development. These centres provide multidisciplinary training programmes in CAD/CAM in order to transfer the current industrial environment from analogue to digital.
Equip the institute with latest testing, research and training facilities to diversify the service portfolio of CR&DI for cement, concrete and allied materials to ensure product quality.
TUSDEC plans to set-up an institute equipped with training systems and simulators from different con-trol system manufacturers staffed with experienced instructors. The institute would produce highly skilled manpower capable of designing process and production control systems to help industry with automation solutions.
In order to address the industrial demand for skilled solar experts and the skills currently available in the job market, an institute will be set-up which will also provide testing & certification, indigenous product development and consultancy services to address the shortfalls of energy sector.
Institute will render advisory and common facility services for quality improvement and certification through empowering PEFMA to develop domestic conformance standards and up-gradation of testing laboratory so that Pakistani fan can conform to international quality standards and explore new global markets.
The aim to establish a leather and synthetic footwear testing and training institute is to furnish the industry with training & business development services, technological sophistication and testing & certification services to uplift the footwear industry for trade competitiveness, export diversification and productivity enhancement.
The state-of-the-art research & testing laboratory for clothing, made-ups and apparels will provide research & development, testing and consultancy services to the industry for innovative product design & development and quality compliance with international standards for trade competitiveness.
TUSDEC in collaboration with OXFAM NOVIB (a Netherlands based INGO) intends to acquaint Pakistan with a skill classification and licensing in Pakistan. The objective is to recognize the capacities and capabilities of local workforce through mechanizing a path for skill upgradation and aligning earnings with skill-sets for the implementation of decent work agenda.
The centre aims to dispense technological and skills support to various sectors including construction, automotive, consumer goods, sports etc. for industrial development and upgradation. The centre will be a state-of-the-art automated production and assembly facility, providing design & development, testing & certification, prototyping, consultancy & advisory services, research support and technical trainings to reap the benefits of composites for the uplift of manufacturing and engineering sector.
The objective driving the implementation of this project is to introduce and induct the international quality standards of product and material testing. The institute deems to provide state-of-the-art testing facilities, training and financial assistance to the companies seeking to adopt the predominant practices of product/material testing.
TUSDEC is proposing the establishment of a Common Facility Centre (CFC) to spur the development of local mobile industry by importing contemporary technology, machinery, obtaining training and skill enhancement together with practical production training.
A Common Facility Centre (CFC) is planned to uplift the consumer electronics industry by technology acquisition & transfer, testing & certification, technical training and skill enhancement through experts & consultants, machinery suppliers and ‘know-how’ agreements to keep pace with latest developments in processes and machinery.