Industrial Technology Benchmarking is an initiative of TUSDEC, involving Technology Benchmarking of 2 priority sectors viz a viz regional/global competitors in order to identify the technology gaps in these potential sectors to create a basis for technology acquisition in Pakistan.

The identified sectors will be supported in entering high value markets through engagement of experts for identification of demand based & value-added products and improving its process, subsequently to develop a workable proposal / PC-1 for catering medium to long term requirement of these potential sectors for technology up-gradation: Lending programs to support industries, establishment of CFCs & Incubation centers, technical consultancy and Joint Ventures etc.

Sector Identification

On the basis of consultation with local SME experts and stakeholders following sectors and their respective products/technologies have been identified:

  1. Surgical Industry
  • Electro Medical surgical equipment

  • Dental and Surgical implants

  1. Cutlery Industry
  • Mass scale production and continuous polishing of tableware

Experts (experts having international exposure) in Surgical (electro-medical and implants related products) and Cutlery (Mass scale production and continuous polishing of tableware) sectors are doing a consolidated research to materialize all its objectives.

Benchmarking Objectives

  • Comprehensive study and analysis of the selected products/technologies for benchmarking

  • Existing value-chains, its backward and forward linkages, Identification of geographic sources of raw material, Key sub products, stakeholders involved, exportability and market segmentation in which the particular sector is potentially active
  • Identify international leaders in the world market in selected technologies/products and analyze their competitive advantage vis-à-vis Pakistan (conduct SWOT and PESTEL analysis of the process/product/technologies/facilities)

  • Comparison between Pakistan’ situation & top leaders & selection/recommendations for appropriate technology to be used in Pakistan (after validation from the concerned stakeholders)

  • Suggest improved technologies, processes, and sub products that need to be introduced/improved along the value chain to meet the high-end markets

  • Develop Strategy / Feasibility report(s)/PC-1s against agreed interventions including methodologies for technology acquisition after thorough consultation & validation with stakeholders

  • Provide expected impact (economic, social and environmental) / growth potential based on the proposed interventions

  • Deliver final document covering all above-mentioned responsibilities. The document must be validated with supporting documents (reviews of stakeholders, quotations from vendors etc)

  • Identification of Interventions to fill the gap between Pakistan & International Markets (TUCs, SDCs, JVs, TICs, TUFs)