In a quest to skill development and professional grooming, TUSDEC has again stepped forward and joined hands with Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) in energy sector. TUSDEC has been successfully awarded a contract “SKILLS FOR JOB 2014-15” by PSDF to develop modern skills in the field of solar technology among educated youth of Punjab who want to pursue their careers as a solar technician or an entrepreneur in this field. The project objective is to generate more resourceful manpower and capacity building in Solar Photovoltaic sector in Pakistan. The project is also an attempt to support financially handicap fragment of our society, specially who cannot afford such trainings. These trainings will be free of cost to financially weak but semi-skilled people. Under the project, Rs. 1500 stipend will also be given to trainees to cover their transportation cost to the training facility. Trainees will also be provided with free uniforms, books and bags.

Under the agreement, TUSDEC will train 75 trainees on Solar Photovoltaic system in one year time period. The target areas for the trainings are districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Chiniot, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Narowal. The training sessions will be divided into 3 batches consisting of 25 trainees in each batch, while session duration will be 3 months. First training session will start from 15 Dec 2014, the second will commence from 15 March 2015 while the third session is planned from 15 June 2015. During this training, the main focus will be on Feasibility designing, Site Inspections, System Sizing, System Installation, System handover and troubleshooting of Grid Tied Systems, Off Grid Systems, Hybrid Systems, Tube well System and Lighting system etc. To make this training more productive, modules like safety and entrepreneurship are also added in the training curricula. TUSDEC has always showed resolved to build skilled human resource based on the latest technological standards. Under project “SKILLS FOR JOB 2014-15” TUSDEC will train the trainees in its state of the art high tech solar technology lab. The project will produce a breed of skilled solar technicians having expertise in installation, repair/maintenance and trouble shooting of solar equipment currently being used in the country. The graduates will be equipped enough to set up their  own workshops and service centres for solar equipment and to run their businesses. The lab is recently established at NIDA – Lahore, a project of TUSDEC, which is equipped with all the latest gadgets of solar training.

The admission for the training sessions will be duly advertised in the newspapers, TUSDEC Facebook page, and Twitter. At the end of the Project, Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) will also launch tracer studies to have a qualitative analysis to gauge the success level. It’s worth mentioning that TUSDEC is already entrusted by PSDF on project, “SKILLS FOR JOB 2013–14″ in Karachi. Under that project, TUSDEC is training total of 200 trainees in electronics and electrical trades under City and Guilds Certification.