A multi-dimensional application course

This course is designed for Concept Designers of the product who want to convert their imagination into digital design and communicate their digital design through virtual reality. In this course special emphasis is given on thinking process of designing a new product so that the designer may enable to develop the detailed attitude for designing. This broad based course will give them initiative to go for designing new products, architecture as well as movie making in virtual reality.

Course Coverage:

  • Understanding The Process of Design
  • Tips & Tricks in 3D Studio Max
  •  Standing and Extended Geometric Primitives
  • Modifiers
  • Editable Mesh
  • Material Allocation to Model Lights
  • Understand V-Ray 1.5 sp3
  • Rendering
  • Mirror Material Setting
  • Total Material Setting
  • V-Ray Lights Setting
  • V-Ray Camera Setting
  • V-Ray Rendering Setting

Participant Profile:

Graduates, diploma holders and Computer Literate with 1 year of experience in digital graphics or computer aided drafting. (User of AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop/CorelDraw). They should have affinity for creativity and imagination

Instructor Profile:
Qualified and competent professionals will conduct this course

This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern specific computers

Learning Outcome:

Once participants have learnt the package consisting of this course and 3D Animations course, participants will be able to create 3d Models of products and buildings after concept is fully developed. They will be able to create Environments and Natural Phenomenon in virtual reality. Participants can find position in Architectural Design Firm, Multimedia Industry or in the design studio of Product Designers.