In a modern & challenging design environment, designers need to focus more on engineering objectives rather than be distracted by learning software commands. This course will teach the methodology of thinking and modeling engineering components through their design features and parameters. This course will cover the nomenclature, design of mechanical parts, modeling and control of complex mechanical assemblies and their drawings, through feature based & parametric techniques.

Course Coverage


Understanding The Process of Design

Sketching module

·         Understanding geometric and dimensioning Constraints

·         Parametric Relations

·         Drawing and editing techniques in sketcher

Part Modeling

·         Sketch based features

·         Dress-up features

·         Transformation Features

·         Application of constraints

·         Annotations

Assembly Operations

·         Creating an Assembly

·         Import Model and Move

·         Application of assembly constraints

·         Exploded Views.

·         Modification of Appearances



Generative Drafting

·         Selection of Drawing Standards and Scaling

·         Frames and Title Bar

·         Creation of views and projections

·         Auto Creation of Dimensions and Annotations

Sheet Metal Designing & CNC Machining

·         Creating Base Plate

·         Creating Addition Features

·         Adding holes and Cuts



Participant Profile:

This course is designed for mechanical/industrial & manufacturing engineering, automotive & marine engineering students and technicians involved in the design of mechanical components. They should have experience of CAD software.

 Instructor Profile:

A team of experienced and highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience in Computer Aided Designing and Drafting is conducting this course.



This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern CAE specific computers.

Learning Outcome:

Participants will be able to work on improvement in design and better control over existing projects. They will also be able to work on mid level, new design projects.