1. To tender advice in the delegated fields, where called upon.
  2. To process, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, all cases relating to the non-delegated fields, foreign exchange and demands for supplementary grants which are required to be referred to the Finance Division.
  3. All work relating to Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Audit observations on appropriation accounts and ensuring compliance of the Committee’s observations and recommendations and verification of record from AGPR & Audit.
  4. To exercise internal checks on irregularities, waste and fraud in Term of para 13 of the General Financial Rules, Vol-I in the Ministry and its attached departments.
  5. To ensure compliance of all other rules and orders contained in the Federal Treasury Rules, General Financial Rules and instructions issued by the Finance Division from time to time.
  6. To arrange meetings of Departmental Accounts Committee (DAC) for settlement of outstanding paras of inspection reports of main Ministry and its attached departments.