Drafting is the science of size information which is added to an object in order to build it physically. This course will cover all the techniques of engineering drafting using CAD Software with emphasis on following contents:

Course Coverage

  • Introduction to Basics of AutoCAD
  • Geometric Drawing techniques in CAD software
  • Draw Commands (using line, circle, arc, polyline, spline)
  • Edit Commands
  • Concept and use of layers
  • Generating views, line styles.
  • Dimension types and dimensioning & tolerance techniques.
  • Schedules, symbols, balloons, hatching techniques.
  • Printouts
  • Case study of sample engineering components and their detailed drawings.
  • 3D Modeling techniques
  • Concept of User Coordinate System
  • Basic Draw commands of 3D Modeling
  • Use of Booleans
  • Solid Editing
  • Allocation of Materials
  • Calculation of Geometric Properties of the model
  • Materials and Animation
  • Output in different file formats
  • Printouts

Participant Profile:
Those who have knowledge of using computer and want to be skilled in Computer Aided Designing and drafting

Instructor Profile:
Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.

This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern specific computers.

Learning Outcome:

Participants will be able to read and produce standardized technical drawings of components. They will also be use software for making basic drawings for civil and architecture. They can find jobs in any of the fields of Mechanical and Civil Engineering like surgical, automotive, construction work etc.