CR&DI – Trainings

Training Services
CR&DI offers training courses for testing to the following ASTM standards:

      • Heat of Hydration
      • Air Content of Cement
      • Admixture vs Setting Time
      • Slag Activity Index
      • Autoclave Expansion
      • Alkalis/Chlorides Determination

Imported Leighton Buzzard Sand is used in conducting tests against the above standards:

Slag Activity Index Test
Air Content of Hydraulic Cement Mortar
Chemical Analysis of Cement
Admixture vs Setting Time
Setting Time
Surface Area (Blain) / Fineness
Normal Consistency
False Test
Heat of Hydration
Moisture Content
Free Lime Determination
Specific Gravity
Raw Material Analysis
Slag Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Complete Sand Testing
Acid Solubility Test of Sand
Loss on Ignition (LOI) /Moisture of Sand
Dry Shrinkage
Concrete Cement Sand Ratio
Epoxy Resin Bonding Strength
Potential Expansion of Portland Cement
Compressive Strength
Tensile Strength of cement
Lechatlier’s Expansion
Autoclave Expansion
Density of Cement
Early stiffening of Portland Cement
Raw Material Analysis
Fire Bricks Analysis
Fly Ash Analysis
Crushing Strength of Concrete Pavers
Concrete Compressive Strength
Compressive Strength by Blending Cement with Slag Cement
Chlorides Determination
Alkalis Determination
Formation of Clinker