Arshad Farooq Faheem SR.JOINT SECRETARY (FAR)

Core Tasks:

  1. Administration/Establishment matters of main Ministry, attached Departments, corporations, and   support organizations.
  2. Budgetary and financial matters of main Ministry and its Organizations.
  3. Employment of foreign personnel in commercial and industrial enterprises.
  4. Foreign and local trainings, workshops and seminars.
  5. Administration of Laws on Bowlers
  6. Department of Explosives.
  7. Enforcement of energy and industrial standards.
  8. Litigation issues of the Ministry, attached departments, corporations and support   organizations.
  9. Council and coordination work.
  10. Spokesperson of the Ministry.
  11. Administration of the essential commodities, price control, profiteering and   hoarding laws including distribution control by using, inter alia National Fertilizer Corporation and National Fertilizer Marketing Company and sugar.
  12. Keeping a watch, from the national angle, over general price trends and supply  position of essential commodities, price and distribution control over items to be distributed by statutory orders between the provinces by using, inter alia, Utility Stores Corporation.