Core Task:

  1. Preparation & yearly review of Industrial Policy & its implementation .
  2. Preparation & yearly review of industrial Sectors Policies & their Implementation.
  3. Ensuring preparation of yearly and quarterly plans for the following large-sized companies attached to Mo IP;

a. Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM)

b. Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC)

c. State Engineering Corporations.

i. ENAR Petro-Tech. ii. Pakistan Machine Tool Factory

iii. Heavy Electrical Complex. iv. Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO)

d. National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC)

e. National Fertilizer Marketing Limited(NFML)

f. Utility Stores Corporation (USC)

g. Engineering Development Board (EDB)

h. Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Development Company.

i. Pakistan Automobile Corporation, Karachi.

j. Sindh Engineering Ltd, Karachi.

k. Republic Motors Limited Company Lahore.

  1. Policy Evaluation and Monitoring like Chemicals, Pesticides, Cement, Mining Industry, Ghee/Cooking Oil, Solvent Extraction, Poultry, Plastic, NEPRA, Leather Goods, Sports Goods, Surgical Instruments, Paper and Pulp & Hotels.