Bridge Saw 
Easycut F600 
Worktable Length: 3.0 m, Width: 1.5m 
X axis travel: 3.5 m 
Y axis travel: 3.6 m 
Z axis Travel: 320 mm 
Hydraulic tilting worktable with motorized rotation, 
programmable positioning and pneumatic locking in 
any position from 0° to 360° 
Optoelectronic copying device of drawings

Mobile bridge Shaping Machine
ContourBreton NC 260K23 
with 3 interpolated axis and large sized 
X axis travel: 3.5 m 
Y axis travel: 2.3 m 
Z axis Travel: 260mm 
Max tool diameter: 140mm 
Max tool length:     200mm 
Spindle rotation Speed: 14,500 rpm 
BretonSmartCAM Mill Software for CAD/CAM