Office Management Program


This course is designed for computer beginners. In this course students are taught to use Operating System, handling and organizing files and making folders etc. In addition to that document writing, spread sheets and presentation making skills are taught for professional practical applications.


Course Coverage


·         Introduction to Computer and its Operating system

·         Use of Operating systems

·         Organizing Data

·         Basic Graphic Design

·         Document Writing

o    Toolbars

o    Formats

o    Tables

o    Application o Drawings

·         Spreadsheets and Charts

o    Data Entry

o    Formula Application

o    Sporting Data

o    Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts

·         Presentations

o    Design

o    Animations

o    Techniques for making Presentations

·         Printing Document




Participant Profile:

The course is specifically designed for beginners to get them introduced to computers and be able them to operating it and making basic setting and organizing their work.


Instructor Profile:

Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.



This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations & Videos.


Learning Outcome:

Participant will be able to use computer as an important professional tool. This course is for getting into the world of computers and using it as a tool.