Pursuing the verve of organizational skill development and personnel grooming TUSDEC has organized a one Day Managerial  Training Workshop on June 13, 2012 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club disseminating the training for Effective Negotiation Skills. The session was headed by Mr. Manzar Bashir, a foreign certified corporate trainer. Mr. Bashir apprised the session about the gambits of effective corporate negotiations while accentuating to sustain mutually lucrative  situations. The trainer elaborated the audience about the problems, hindrances as well as the cornerstones of winning a business agreement. The participants were explicated on various approaches of leveraging from one’s managerial skill set in order to secure strength in your corner during a business dialogue. The training was experiential and insightful delivered by employing utterly topical yet comprehensive training methodology. Corporate executives from Lucky Cement, Mentors Graphic, Water Regime and National Transmission & Despatch Company participated in the workshop.  The event was immaculately organized, hence acknowledged to be greatly elucidating and speckles by the professional crest  present  there. Towards the end of the workshop, the participants were also presented with the certificate for the training attended.
The overall compass of managerial operations and stratagem engagements espouse a huge array of skills and prowess defining the cardinal for management accomplishments. Used together these skills can help an executive to emerge out as an exceptionally nimble manger, a dynamic team player, a propulsive  leader, an exhaustive resource to the  organization or an improbable entrepreneur who knows the ropes to prosperous  business management.
There is a multiplicity of substantial management topic lying in the program line of TUSDEC upcoming workshops to be conducted by top-notch trainers affianced at the panel of of the company. Facilitating the corporate dominion in Pakistan TUSDEC also offers customized business training solutions in the areas of Personal Productivity, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Efficiencies,  Finance and Effective Talent Management.