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For the first time in Pakistan, GTDMC has introduced the teaching factory concept, wherein the students are provided with hands on training in a true factory environment. The CAD/CAM training courses are Job Oriented and designed by highly experienced and qualified foreign professionals to meet the requirements of Pakistani Engineering Industry.
GTDMC offers courses in various disciplines such as:

  • Demonstration of hardware & software
  • Management appreciation and orientation courses for applying techniques in TDM
  • Computer Aided Engineering courses for TDM design analysis
  • Courses on mould & die design using advance techniques
  • Courses on Computer Aided Design, machining and operations
  • Application of engineering resource planning and product data management.

These courses begin with the generation of CAD Model and end at the development of Mould/Die by deeply involving the students in each and every embedded phase. These courses are also blended with basic theory besides the non conventional machining process to upgrade those students which lack in theory. We focus on the following high tech machines and equipment.

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Vacuum Heat Treatment

1. Vacuum Nitriding

Model NCV 1/E-R 6-6-9 (CIEFFE Group), Italy
Horizontal Chamber Furnace for Nitriding

Nitro-Carburizing & Tempering:
• Usable Dimensions H, W, D: 600, 600, 900 mm
• Work Load Capacity: 750 kg
• Max working temperature: 750 C
• Working temperature range: 150 to 700 C
• Vacuum level: 1 X 10-1  mbar
• Gas pressure: 0.5 m3 to 3 m3

Materials for Vacuum Nitriding:
• Alloy steels (improves corrosion resistance)
• Tool steels
• Mould and die steels
• Stainless steels
• PH steels
• Carbon steels
• Nitralloys

• Nitriding, Nitro-Carburizing, Low Pressure Carburizing & High Pressure Gas Quenching, Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, Stress relieving.
• Vacuum environment for best surface finish, zero oxidation, minimizes post heat treatment, reduces warpage and stresses.

2- Low Pressure Carburizing with High-Pressure Gas Quenching
Model A-LPG – HPQ 6-6-9
• Dual Chamber Furnace for Low Pressure

Carburizing & High Pressure Gas Quenching:
• Usable Dimensions H, W, D: 600, 600, 900 mm
• Work Load Capacity: 750 kg
• Working temperature: 1350 C
• Working Temperature (vacuum heating):600-1300 C
• Working Temperature (convection heating): 150-800 C
• Temperature uniformity required: ± 5 C
• Entering gas pressure: 0.5 bar
• Vacuum level: 1 X 10-5 mbar
• Vacuum Chamber: Fe 430 b
• Thermal Insulations: Graphite + CFC Layer
• Inert gas quenching pressure: 20 bar
• Fully automatic software controlled carburizing cycle

Materials for Vacuum Carburizing:
• Low to Mid-carbon Alloy Steels: 33, 41, 43, 46, 48, 86, 93 series.
• Specialized Steels: Pyrowear 53, 675; CSS-42L, CBS-223 (X2M), M50-Nil
• Stainless Steels
• Ultra High Strength Steels: Ferrium C61, Ferrium C64, Aeromet 100
• Tool Steels: H grade
• Mould Steels: P grade

• Most modern Vacuum Heat Treatment Equipment

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Computerised Laser Cutting & Marking

Laser Cutting Machine
TYPE:    Laser Powered CAD Operated Cutting Machine
MODEL: TruLaser 3530,  MANUFACTURER: TRUMPF, Germany
• Rapid Laser cutting of metal sheets
• Cuts intricate profiles with ease in many materials
• Ideal replacement for sheet metal cutting dies
• Work Piece Sizes: 3000 x 1500 x 115 mm
• Cutable Sheet Thickness: MS 20 mm, SS 15 mm, Alu 10 mm
• Axis Travel Speed: X,Y 120 m/min, Diagonal Speed: 170m/min
• Positioning Accuracy: ±0.1 mm
• Rated Power: 4000 W

Laser Marking Machine
TYPE:     Precision Marking Machine
MODEL:  TruMark Station 5000, MANUFACTURER: TRUMPF, Germany
• Mark barcodes, all kinds of symbols, date, codes etc.
• Circular marking with rotary attachment
• Laser Power: 10 W, Air-Cooled, Wavelength: 1064 nm
• Marking Area: 120×120 mm
• Characters: TIF, Single, Double and Triple Line Fonts
• Line, circle, rectangle, polygon, all surface elements filled or unfilled
• Comprehensive software

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