Fashion Design

Committed to pursue the notion and practice of women socioeconomic empowerment through formal Technical and Vocational Training, TUSDEC has implemented courses of Fashion Designing  in collation with First Women Bank Limited. The courses are disseminated through NIDA Karachi and Lahore centres as  an implementation of GEP (Gender Equity Program) funded by USAID. Total 43 candidates were outfitted with vastly operable and market oriented techniques of fashion designing. Highly proficient trainers were engaged by NIDA centres for one month, to train the candidates on modern and agile lines so that they can earn a better living out of a decent occupation. The female trainees were provided with transportation facility to ensure convenience in their training experience. The trainees were awarded with tool-kits enabling them to conveniently practice the acquired avocation subsequent to the trainings. Each course was culminated with a splendid exhibition of candidates work and assignments which was significantly covered by notable electronic media channels and newspapers.

Domestic Tailoring

TUSDEC organized  the course of Domestic Tailoring in NIDA Lahore Centre as an Implementation to USAID GEP Program. The course was conducted in collation with FWBL (First Women Bank Limited)  enrolling some 20 female candidates belonging to the lower income group. During the 15 days training program the candidates were apprised with adept fabric cutting and tailoring skills, so that they could emerge out as adequate earners for themselves and  for their families.  TUSDEC provided the candidates  with transportation facility and also awarded them with the course tools to facilitate them in instigating their careers. The program was concluded with a flaunting display of candidates work and design assignments which was covered by notable local newspapers and TV channels.  Senior Officials from TUSDEC and First Women Bank Limited ensured their presence at the final exhibit of candidates assignments. During the course the women were also mentored to enter into small scale entrepreneurship or to find various job opportunities.