Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is regarded as cutting-edge technology for manufacturing planning and control to boost productivity by mastering the use of special computer programs. This course aims at introducing participants to the machining process, its variables and practical training on CAM software using 2-5 axis methodologies for CNC machines.
General Introduction

Scope of CAD/CAM and CIM

Machining Process With Variables

Mechanics of machinability

Independent & dependant variables in

machining process.

Cutting tools and their materials

Cutting fluids and their applications.

Concept & Application Of Datums

Datums& co-ordinate systems

Absolute versus incremental approach
Editing datums for fast modelling

CNC Fundamentals & Vocabulary

Axis & motion vocabulary

CNC machining prerequisites and


CNC systems

CNC Machining Language

(G & M Codes)

Preparatory & miscellaneous functions

CNC turning fundamentals

Part programming using G & M codes.

Machining Set-Up for CNC Machines

Loading and aligning the model

Orientating the model around an Active

Workplane where required.

Gathering information on the model i.e.

Minimum tool radius/ draft angle, under cuts

Measuring the model.

Material block definition.

Cutting tool definition.

Feed rate and Spindle Speed Settings.

Rapid Move Heights.

Tool Start Point.




Tool Path Generation For Roughing, Cycles

Area clearance strategies

Rest machining for avoiding load on

cutting tool during rough machining

Simulating and animating tool paths

Tool Path Generation For Finishing  Cycles

Downward projection of a pattern

Raster machining

Radial machining

Spiral machining

Pattern machining

3D Offset finishing

Steep & shallow areas machining

Corner machining

Projection machining

4-axis rotary machining.

Editing toolpaths

Moving, limiting & rotating toolpaths

Changing the order & direction of


Leads & Links

Boundaries & their applications

Collision & gouge checking of tools

Feature sets/ 2D & 2.5D machining

Drilling cycles

Pocket, Boss. Slot machining

NC Programming and Overview Of Post Processors For CNC Machines

Converting tools paths into machine


NC Programming

Machine tool simulation


Participant Profile:
This course is designed for engineers and technicians involved in design and manufacture of mechanical components. Besides those involved in manual machining processes, ambitious to adopt modern CAD/CAM tools for rapid production with hi-tech quality can also benefit from this course.



Instructor Profile:

Course is being conducted by certified professional who has got more than 4 years professional experience in CAD/CAM field and has imparted state of the art trainings to leading educational and industrial sector in Pakistan.
This course is delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice on modern CAD/CAM specific computers.
Learning Outcome:
Participants will be able to utilize the knowledge gained from this course practically  and will be able to save their machining time, reduce inventory and deliver a high quality product meeting customer requirement and satisfaction.