Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) and representative of cutlery association have conducted a meeting to identify technology and skill gaps in cutlery sector. The meeting was conducted as a result of a project, Industrial Technology Benchmarking (ITB), which TUSDEC is currently implementing in Pakistan. During the meeting, the representatives of cutlery sector, highlighted major problems they are facing in terms technology backwardness and skill gaps. The representatives further elaborated that cutlery sector had a great potential of growth for national economy but, unfortunately, due to technical limitations, not been able to work accordingly. At this occasion, Chief Executive Officer TUSDEC expressed his views that cutlery sector needed special focus to overcome its technology related impediments in order to catalyze its export led growth. CEO TUSDEC also said that, through its project Industrial Technology Benchmarking (ITB), TUSDEC is developing a comprehensive & modern benchmarking standard for cutlery sector, that will kick start a technological revolution in this sector. The CEO TUSDEC further stated that Industrial Technology Benchmarking will enable the local industry of cutlery sector to adopt best practices of technological advancement, in order to increase exports and compete in the international markets.