One form of having lean management is to implement 5S. It is said that 5S system will increase efficiency of operations from 10 to 30%. Each step or process within this system can have a number of benefits. If companies want to achieve maximum workplace efficiency, they should consider the following benefits of implementing 5S system:


Implementing 5S ensures safety. As the workplace is kept clean and maintained on regular basis, the proportion of germs and diseases due to the chemical usage is also reduced. This also reduces the number of injuries that are sustained by the workers as liquid or chemical spills do not go unattended therefore reducing the risk of falls and slips. Further, as things are properly organized in their proper places, the time to travel from one facility to another is also reduced and no things can get in the way leading to any kind of injury.

Waste Reduction:

Proper organization and standard labeling of products help in the reduction of waste as workers know the right designated place to place each item; the number of accidents that can damage the goods is reduced thus reducing wastes.

Productivity and maximum utilization:

Proper organization also leads to maximum utilization of space and resources as the unnecessary items are removed which reduces waste and provides maximum workplace efficiency. In this way less time will be spent on searching for needed items thus ensuring a continuous improvement in productivity.

Commitment of workers:

One of the major benefits of implementing 5S is worker’s commitment. The system doesn’t only provide better working environment and conditions but also involve employees to participate in workplace designing and maintaining it. This involvement of workers helps in their sustainability for long-term. The more the cleaner and organized the place gets, the more the workers feel.