The use of polymer-based composite materials is becoming significantly popular due to their high strength to weight ratio, good fatigue endurance, outstanding thermal insulation and low thermal expansion. They have impressive and diverse range of applications in automotive, aviation, spacecraft, civil infrastructure and sports industries. With the increasing demand of composite materials for high tech applications, composite manufacturing processes are getting crucial for attaining the best performance of these materials. Selection of suitable manufacturing technique plays an important role for getting high quality product.

We provide a comprehensive training on advance composite materials manufacturing techniques. The interactive training course is designed to provide an intensive practical training for manufacturing composite parts with challenging requirements.

Course Contents: 

  • Introduction and Applications of composites materials
  • Fabrics and resins – types, properties and applications
  • Sandwich structures , core types and applications
  • Identifying Materials and Processes used for manufacturing composites parts
  • Detailed elaboration and understanding of
  1. Vacuum bagging technique
  2. Hand Lay-up and Wet Lay-up
  3. Compression molding
  4. Autoclave processing
  5. Out of Autoclave processing 
  • Practical demonstration of vacuum bagging technique
  1. Introduction to common consumable used for vacuum bagging process
  2. Mould preparation for panel manufacturing and Resin calculation
  3. Completing the vacuum bagging process and resin infusion process
  4. De-molding the part 
  • Practical demonstration of Hand Lay-up and Wet Lay-up
  • Manufacturing of composite panels and sandwich panels using
  1. Vacuum Bagging Technique
  2. Hand Lay-up Method
  • Theoretical and practical assessment of participants


Participant Profile:

The course will be very constructive for trainees or professionals involved in the manufacturing of composites parts for hi-tech applications. Participants will explore the requirements of materials and processes used for manufacturing parts for various applications. The course is equally beneficial for the students and fresh graduates of mechanical engineering, industrial & manufacturing engineering and materials engineering department.

Instructor Profile:
An experienced and highly qualified professional in the field of multi-scale composite design and manufacturing will conduct this course.

The course will be delivered through well elaborative lectures, multimedia presentations supported with extensive hands on training.


Learning Outcome:
The training course will give the participant a good understanding of current composite manufacturing techniques and a vision for selecting suitable materials and processes for composite part manufacturing for variety of applications. Participants will gain both theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience.