The Basic Networking course covers the Introduction to Networking and fundamentals of Computer Networking and cabling, types of networks, diagnosing network problem, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in Computer Networking and students who want to gain practical knowledge of how a computer network works.

Course Coverage:

  • What is a computer Network?
  • Types of Networks:
  • Categories of Network:
  • The OSI Model:
  • Network Architectures:
  • Protocols:
  • Introduction to TCP/IP Networks:
  • Net work Cables and Stuff:
  • Network Topologies:
  • Collisions:
  • Network Interface Cards:
  • Hubs/Repeaters:
  • Adding Speed:
  • Bridges:
  • Ethernet Switches:
  • Routers:
  • Network Design Criteria:
  • Types of Servers:
  • IP Addressing:
  • Address Classes:
  • Examining your network with commands:

Participant Profile:
Students of Matric and Intermediate, Beginners who want to learn Basic/Intermediate Networking.

Learning Outcome:
This course will enable the pass outs to work as trainee Network Assistant, Network Support in the Banks, Governments, Semi Government and Private Organizations.