CAD/CAM has become necessary tool for the industries involved in product development and production industries producing precision parts. Quick 3D modeling and automated drafting of engineering components and assembly verification is required to avoid delays and it has proved best alternate to prototypes. All these and much more can be achieved by thorough understanding and proper implementation of CAD/CAM system for product development. This course will focus on making the participants aware of the potential uses of production level solid modeling and machining using CAD/CAM. Students will learn how to create 3D models of parts, view and edit them interactively and create 2D Layouts from the 3D model to produce NC data file necessary for machining of parts.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction of CAD/CAM
  • Isometric View
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Creating 2-D sketches and Layout
  • Primary Features
  • Treatment Features
  • Specialized Features
  • Creating Drawings of 3D Models
  • Dimensions and Annotation
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Construction Tools
  • Pattern
  • Revolved Protrusion
  • Swept & Blending Features
  • Assembly modeling
  • Managing Assemblies

Participant Profile:
Product Development Engineers, Design Engineers, Technicians, Associate Engineers, CNC programmers etc. are encouraged to participate. Students of mechanical engineering departments are also encouraged to participate. No previous CAD/CAM experience is required.

Instructor Profile:
Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.

The course is taught mainly through lectures, demonstrations and hands on practice on computers. Example Design Problems will be presented and discussed.

Learning Outcome:
Participant will understand basics of 3D modeling, Sheet metal forming design in CAD package and efficient utilization of computer for product development and will be able to develop NC data for parts designed in CAD environment.