The course has been devised for professionals willing to develop their potential in the field of CNC machining as career as well as for students of technical education. We also offer companies already working in this domain to share their problems / views to get the best opinion / solution of their core machining issues.

Course coverage:

  • Introduction to CNC Machines i.e. Lathe (2-AXIS), Machining Center (3-Axis,4-Axis).
  • Introduction to AC Drives and DC drives.
  • Introduction of AC Motors and DC Motors.
  • Introduction to Open loop and close loop systems.
  • Control Process of CNC using Flow chart.
  • Understanding CNC & PLC parts of control.
  • Working of Macros, G-code and ladder codes.
  • Selection of Controls, Motors & Drives for a project.
  • Interface between CNC and PLC, RS-485 and Ethernet.
  • Hardware interface between PLC and key panel, I/O cards and MPG.
  • Hardware Interface between Control-Drive and Drive-Motor.
  • Details of interfacing signals between different units of control.
  • Learning about NC files and sending NC files to CNC.
  • Learning different Modes of Operation of CNC.
  • Ladder programming fundamentals including S-bits, C-bits, R-bits, I/O bits.
  • Using Parameters Manual for configuring different parameters.
  • Using Application Manual for configuring different process applications.
  • Details of Alarms including Configuring and removing Alarms.
  • Real time Communication with computer for uploading and downloading of Data.
  • Implementation of project with drives and motor in close loop.
  • Error and Fault Diagnostics with hardware and software Trouble Shooting.

Participant Profile:
Professional engineers and students are warmly welcomed.

Instructor Profile:
Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.

This course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands on practice on latest machinery.