This course offers participants the opportunity to learn about “The concept of textile design” and “Textile designing in bedding”. Pakistan textile industry has played a vital role in the international market and has created a demand for designers in the field of textile designing which means there is always a room for better and creative designers. Considering, this demand and supply gap participants have opportunity to learn about computerized textile designing in this course so that they can enjoy a prosperous career. The computerized textile designing called as CAD (Computer Added Designing) is an advanced technology and essentially needed keeping in view the textile technology of the present age.

Course Coverage:

  • Sketching of Motives form Nature
  • Layouts
  • Introduction of Manual Textile Designing
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Concept of Repeat
  • Types of Repeats
  • Joining
  • Plaids Designing
  • Geometrical Designs
  • Composing
  • Cutting and Pasting
  • Cleaning of Designs
  • Repetition
  • Sheet Set Designs
  • Comforter Sets
  • Bed in a Bag
  • Story Board

Participants profile:
Graduates, Intermediate, Fresh Art Students, Fashion Designer, Junior Textile Designers, Fine Artist, Junior Fashion Designers, DAE in ( Textile Designing, Fashion Designing, Garment Designing ) CAD Operators, Engineers, Art Lovers have some knowledge and experience of computer operating can benefit from this course.

The course will be taught mainly through lectures, practical, demonstrations and assignments.

Instructor Profile:
Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.

Learning outcome:
Participants will be able to grasp the professional’s approach of Textile Designing, Product Designing and Design Development. They will develop understanding of how to plan a design and precede developments.   They will be eligible for job as junior textile designer, color maker, assistant printing master and assistant designer in garment, textile and fashion industries.