Benefits of training your employees to become heart agents:

  • Aware and trained people available within your rank and file
  • Immediate recognition of a victim with little “dumbstruck” time
  • Immediate activation of sequence of scientifically proven events that will increase chances of victim survival
  • Assurance of trained help availability to all employees
  • Assurance of saving of precious time in delivery of help
  • Maximized chances of safety of the most prized resource of your company – the Human Capital

Benefits of becoming a heart agent

  • You will become aware of how to help someone who is dying
  • You will learn a set of skills proven to save lives
  • Unlike the people in the crowd you will know exactly what to do in a stepwise fashion
  • Your training will help you not only at work but also in public places and even in your home if, God forbid, someone needs your help
  • Being a life saver is a special honor and a matter of pride in itself. You become Allah’s chosen one.

 Program Objectives

In line with our vision to produce “Pakistanis Trained To Save Lives”, the objective of the program is:

  • To ensure that any unfortunate victim suffering a heart attack or stroke at work is recognized immediately and provided help in a manner consistent with maximum chances of survival and recovery
  • To ensure that any unfortunate employee going into sudden cardiac arrest has the maximum chances of surviving without permanent brain damage and the chance of returning back to work fully recovered.
  • To have at least one and preferably two Heart Agents within a rushing distance of 30 seconds to a minute of every work area inhabited by human employees
  • To train the Heart Agents to a level that they can independently detect a situation where there help is needed, track the necessary gadgetry and means to activate the emergency response system, initiate CPR in line with international guidelines and carry it on till professional help arrives to take over. 


  • Ensuring Personal Safety before Helping Others
  • Recognizing a victim who needs life help
  • Initiating the Systematic Cascade of events in a Chain of Survival
  • Providing adequate CPR, Breaths and shocks
  • Recognizing & Saving a Choking Victim
  • Recognizing a possible Heart Attack and responding in a manner that ensures maximum safety
  • Recognizing a possible Stroke and responding in a manner that ensures maximum safety

Program Methodology

The course is an interactive session with audiovisual aids. The basics of medical concepts at play will be presented in brief in lecture and video forms. Skills will be practiced on manikins and trainer devices along with video based performances. 

Who should not attend?

This is a physically demanding course demanding moderate physical fitness. Although there is no age or gender limit, people with arthrtitis, backache, weakness or poor musculature should avoid attending. As a policy we do not allow expecting females to attend the course as the strenuous work of CPR practice may induce labor or maybe harmful to the pregnancy.

Who should attend?

CPR is a volunteer activity. It requires people who have the ability to rise up to a challenge in the face of dire circumstances and have the confidence to do the right thing even under extremely tense and fearful conditions. There is no minimum education criteria, however some knowledge of English to understands the prompts from machines maybe needed. This training is highly recommended to both the genders.