According to the increasing demand from industries and Top Fashion Designers they require skilled full designer on CAD to execute Apparel Prints Designs Digitally, Designing of a Lawn Prints is a core activity in a modern apparel world. From top to bottom all prints designing require special designing by considering the human body structure. That’s why we offer first time in area” Digital Apparel Lawn Prints Designing”. This course will cover the anthropometry, Lawn prints category, Machine Format sizes, design execution, New Trends in Lawn prints, Plain and Sequences Embroidery Designing, basic analysis and simulations of basic garment designs. In addition, modern designing and manufacturing techniques will be introduced to enhance the speed and accuracy in design and manufacturing.

Course Coverage:

  • Concept of CAD and CAD/CAM
  • What is Digital Technology
  • Digital Printing
  • What is Four Colour Printing
  • Apparel print formats sizes
  • Important of Layout
  • Layout Execution
  • Rotary and Flat Bed
  • Selection of Motif
  • Digital Machines
  • Design Rhythm
  • Execution of Dupatta
  • Execution of Ladies Shirt
  • New Trends of Lawn Prints
  • Different Techniques in Lawn Prints Design
  • Introduction to Embroidery designing
  • Creation of motifs in Embroidery Designing
  • Plain Embroidery
  • Types of Sequences
  • Sequence brush editing
  • Sequence Designing
  • Plain Plus Sequence Designing
  • Head to Head Repeat Concept
  • Story Board Designing

Participant profile:
Fresh Art Students, Textile Graduates, Diploma holders, CAD Operators, Art lovers have some knowledge and experience of computer operating can benefit from this course.

Instructor profile:
Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.

The course will be taught mainly through lectures, practicals and demonstrations, discussions and assignments.

Learning outcome:
Participants will be able to grasp the professional approach of Apparel Industries, Fashion Boutiques, Design House or Ware Houses. They will develop understanding of how to plan design, product and precede clothing manufacturing.