The course is designed for participants who have interest in the field of Fashion Design. In this course they will learn how to manipulate various contents of Fashion Designing like Drawing, Basic Illustrations, Basic Pattern

Course Coverage:

  • Orientation, Basic Drawing (Still Life Drawing)Concept of Croqui Designing

  • Concept of Mood board, Drawing Practice

  • Basic Color Theory, Mood board Activity Sequence Embroidery in 9mm

  • Garment Fragmentation, Fabric Scrap Book, Submission of Mood Board

  • Concept of Illustration, Principles of Fashion Designing

  • Basic Pattern Making, Croqui illustrations

  • Pattern Making (offset sheet and boxboard)

  • Concept of Draping

  • Hand Stitching

  • Machine Operating

  • Initial Steps of Sewing

  • Types of Fabrics

  • Concept of Embroidery in Bedding

  • Concept of Embroidery in Apparel

  • Plain Embroidery

  • Research Report

  • Introduction to Embroidery

  • Digitizing (CAD CAM)

Participant Profile:

Graduates, Intermediate, Fresh Art Students, Fashion Designer, Junior Textile Designers, Fine Artist, Junior Fashion Designers, DAE in (Textile Designing, Fashion Designing, Garment Designing) CAD Operators, Engineers, Art Lovers have some knowledge and experience of computer operating can benefit from this course.

Instructor Profile:

Qualified & competent professional will conduct this course.


Learning activities will include lectures, group discussions and practical project work both individually and in team environment. The course generally is project based, focused on the areas of Basic Fashion Designing.