Non Destructive Testing – Level I

UT or MT

It is recognized that the effectiveness of non destructive testing (NDT) applications depends upon the capabilities of the personnel who perform NDT. The NDT Level I program provides third-party examinations for NDT personnel whose specific jobs require appropriate knowledge of the NDT method(s) for which certification is sought.

Course Coverage: 

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) – Level I

  1. Properties of Sound Waves
  2. Generation of Ultrasonic waves
  3. Interaction of ultrasound with matter and boundaries
  4. Types of Probes
  5. Test Methods
  6. Test Equipment
  7. Instrumentation
  8. Test Variables
  9. Inspection procedures
  10. Types of Discontinuities

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) – Level I

  1. Basic of Magnetism
  2. Magnetisation Techniques
  3. Inspection Mediums
  4. Inspection Techniques
  5. Indication Classification
  6. Test Equipments and Accessories
  7. Demagnetisation
  8. Types of Discontinuities

Participant Profile:
Metallurgy engineers, academia and engineering students.
Bachelors with 6 months experience, Intermediate with 1 year experience, Matric with 2 years experience. 

Instructor Profile:
An experienced and highly qualified professional in the field of NDT will conduct this course.

This course will be delivered through lectures, multimedia presentations, videos and hands-on practice.

Learning Outcome:
Participants that successfully complete the examination requirements will be issued a NIDA NDT Level I certificate. The certificate shall show the test method(s) and industrial sector(s), as applicable, covered by this certification.