ETAP is the most powerful software used in the power industry for power system calculations. This course will enhance the capabilities of the engineers in order to understand and execute power system studies by themselves which will ultimately give benefit for the career development.

Course Contents:

  • ETAP Overview
  • One-Line Diagram
  • 3-D Database
  • Library Systems
  • Load Flow Study, Evaluation & Result Analyzer
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Cable Sizing Study
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Short Circuit Study, Evaluation & Result Analyzer- IEC
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Motor Acceleration Studies
  • Motor CKT Modelling
  • Motor Parameter Estimation
  • Protective Device Coordination Study
  • TCC Plots of Overcurrent Protective Devices
  • Customized Libraries for Relay, Breaker, & Fuse
  • Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation
  • Auto Evaluation of Protection & Selectivity Settings


Irfan Akhtar: ETAP 115 certified from ETAP IRVINE, CA, USA, 22+ Years of plant and industrial Experience & carried out studies and design of whole power plants and major industrial sectors like Refineries, cement plants, fertilizers and paper industry etc. 

Nouman Asghar: Carried out studies for the power plants, fertilizer plants, wind plants.