Expert Data Management System

TUSDEC’s Experts Data Management System for individual:

If you have proven skills spanning over 5 years of work experience in industrial, agricultural or services sector , we want to hear from you!

TUSDEC welcomes and encourages individuals who are interested in being a part of our Consultant Database. As a part of TUSDEC’s focus to strengthen businesses in Pakistan, we are establishing a pool of experts and consultants from which we can draw candidates for various assignments on as-needed-basis.

We invite all consultants whose skills relate to the above mentioned areas, to complete the on-line application. Applicants should expect their submissions to be verified for accuracy and compliance with the function of the database. The consultants deemed a good fit for a certain assignment will be contacted to discuss their interest and availability.

TUSDEC’s Experts Data Management System for firms:

Are you a Pakistani business firm seeking to expand your experience in local/international trade?
Are you a technical expert in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing, energy, information and communications technology, water and the environment, or services?
Are you skilled in researching the technical/financial aspects of infrastructure projects?

If the answers to any of these questions is YES, then Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) wants to include you in its Consultant Database. TUSDEC regional and contracting staff would use the consultant database to identify firms that can provide different types of technical advice to bridge the gap of technological divide.

Registering your company with us provides you with an added marketing boost to get noticed by potential service seekers in both public and private sector. Even if you have worked with TUSDEC in the past or have participated in a similar exercise, you must still register with us.

Some of the key areas that we are looking for could be (but not limited to) the following,

Energy and Power (including electricity, oil and gas)
Human Resources
Mining & Natural Resources
Telecommunications (including information technology)
Transportation (including aviation, ports and rail)
Water and the Environment (including solid waste)

The Consultant Database is to be handled by internal TUSDEC staff only. Inclusion on this database will not constitute a consultant’s official endorsement or approval by TUSDEC. To ensure consideration, please provide as much detailed information as possible on the on-line application. Once you become part of our consultant database, you will be contacted if an opportunity becomes available.