Services to local industry through available machines
    • Manufacturing quality production Tools, Dies and Mold
    • Machining services
    • Production services through Injection Molding and High Pressure Die Casting Machine
Provide trained workforce to industry for supporting manufacturing sector
    • Vocational trainings through NAVTTC, BBSHRRDB & GIZ etc
    • High end shorter duration trainings (Inhouse, customized)
Computer Aided Designing /Reverse Engineering
  • This service is being offered to the business/ manufacturing community of Hyderabad and adjacent area

Manufacturing of Dies and Moulds (production tools)
  • Offering design & development of Dies and Moulds

CNC Milling 800x510x630
CNC Lathe 305x750mm; 4200 Rev/min
CNC EDM 400x300x300
CNC Wirecut 400x300x300
Supporting Machines

(Surface Grinding machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Radial drill, Lathe, Shaper, Milling, Bench drilling, Tool and cutter grinder)

  • HESC machinery inventory also includes a range of manual supportive machines including Surface Grinding machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Lathe Machine, Milling, and Shaper etc., These machines are supporting the major activities of Dies and Moulds development and machining along with training activities.

Heat Treatment

(CNC Induction Hardening machine- length 1050 mm, Dia- 400mm; Salt bath furnace610x1000mm; Muffle furnace – 600x460x600)

  • Heat treatment services including Hardening, Tempering & quenching etc are available

PVD Coating Services

(DxH- 1000×1000)

  • Physical vapor deposition in vacuum environment

Production support Services
Injection Moulding Machine

(Injection stroke- 280mm; clamping force- 400kN; Shot Vol- 739 cubic cm; Theoretical injection rate – 673 gm)

High Pressure Die Casting Machine

(Aluminum, Zinc etc; Die stroke- 550 Ton; Die platen dimension- 1070×1070 mm; Tie bar distance-750×750 mm)