Story from Chitral

Bibi Rabbaniya, 30 is a graduate of Advanced Tailoring courses organized by TUSDEC in Chitral. Before the training, she got her graduation from Girls College at Chitral but was not finding any job. She had a hand on the skill of tailoring but when it comes to professional advanced tailoring, she lacked the skill.

Advanced tailoring course at Sadabahar Institute, Chitral changed it all for her. By attaining advance training in tailoring from TUSDEC Tvet programme, at one hand, she learned modern techniques of tailoring while on the other, increased her income. After completion of the course, her monthly income enhanced up to 15000 rupees. Rabbaniya is extending knowledge the same to her sister as well. Rabbaniya mother says, this is a great dowry, parents can give their daughters in form of skill that can help those earning incomes wherever they go.