Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Linear vs Non-linear analyses
  • Learn to compute critical buckling loads
  • Understand cyclic loading and fatigue failures
  • Identify FEA advantages and shortcomings
  • Avoid mistakes and pitfalls in FEA
  • Understand importance of modal analysis
  • Analyze structural response for a variety of loading conditions and types
  • Reduced prototyping and productivity improvement
  • Better job perspectives and enhanced skills

Who Should Attend

Design Engineers, CAE Analysts, and Engineering Managers, University students or anyone who is familiar with FEA.

Instructor Profile

Instructor is foreign qualified with 10+ years of work experience in the area of simulation driven product design and development using advance FEA tools

Course Contents

  • When things become nonlinear
    • Large deflection
    • Material nonlinearity
    • Geometric nonlinearity and contact problems
  • Buckling analysis using ANSYS
  • Fatigue tool utility in ANSYS
    • Define cycling loading using ANSYS Fatigue tool
    • Calculate design life and FoS
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Advance topics in FEA
    • Mesh quality and convergence
    • Applying incremental load
    • Test-analysis correlation
    • Modal effective mass

Why This Course

There are a number of practical situations when design engineers are asked to analyze problems where the response of a structure cannot be simply assessed using linear assumptions. Other situations involve stability problems for structures like columns and vacuum tanks. Also, there are scenarios when a part or assembly is subjected to cyclic loading and a structure may fail well below material’s yield strength. This course aims at addressing above mentioned topics and presenting some of the advance analysis options available in ANSYS Workbench like nonlinear structural analysis, buckling analysis and ANSYS fatigue tool utility. On successful completion of course, trainees are expected to apply these techniques into their analysis process to solve real world problems.