Advance PLC training program includes the complexities in advance programming and skills. Plus, it helps the participants to understand on a broader scale how to design and implement the analog signals domain on application level.

Course coverage:

  • Brief introduction to basic PLC.
  • Implementation of Functions.
  • Implementation of Function Blocks.
  • Role of analog sensors & modules in PLC.
  • Understanding & implementation of the analog standard industrial signals.
  • Understanding industrial instruments and their implementation.
  • Industrial sensors wiring with the analogue module.
  • Understanding analog span and resolution.
  • Calculation of resolution with formulas.
  • Analogue value processing and programming.
  • Reading the input data of voltage signal of 1 – 5 V span.
  • Interpretation and theoretical implementation of formula and testing with DMM.
  • Double word memory concept and usage.
  • Implementation of the formula interpreting ADC values of 1 – 5 V span.
  • Reading the input data of voltage signal of 0 – 10 V and ±10 V spans, respectively, keeping in view the change of resolution.
  • Implementation of the formula interpreting ADC values of 0 – 10 V and ±10 V spans.
  • Implementation of the formula interpreting ADC values of 4 – 20 mA span.
  • Achieving floating-point values.
  • Reading the input data from temperature sensors (thermocouple and RTD).
  • Scaling and un-scaling of analogue values.
  • Advance troubleshooting
  • Mega project with all parameters applied

Participant Profile:

  • Professional Engineers and Diploma Holders.
  • Electrical Supervisors & Maintenance Personnel
  • Individuals with basic working knowledge of PLCs.


  • Basic know how to the PLC.
  • Understanding of PLC programming.

Instructor Profile:

Mr. Usman Rashid Baig is a Design and Application Engineer and PLC trainings instructor having vast experience in industrial automation. His areas of expertise include Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, PLC and relay logic automation, process automation, encoder, SCADA and automation system communication, etc. Since 2011, Mr. Usman Rashid Baig has been teaching PLC course at Mechatronics Engineering Solutions. He has worked in process plants and automated various machineries for industries like textile, plastic food, chemical, pharmaceutical, shoe, leather, sugar, paper, packaging, power generation, cement, etc.