In the world of Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), ANSYS- CFX is a well-known name. Through the development of its own products and through ANSYS has greatly expanded its product portfolio and technology base. While ANSYS is well known for its traditional simulation tools, it has also been a leader in the world of mainstream simulation, where the ability to accurately model a product’s behaviour and use that as part of the product development cycle is key aspect and the core part of that is utilization of ANSYS Workbench.

Course coverage:

Day 1

  • CFD Basics, Geometry, Mesh, CFX interface and available settings
  • Laminar flow, internal and external flows. Viscous and inviscid flows
  • Example- pressure drop in pipe

Day 2

  • 2 different examples in laminar and steady/unsteady flows- airfoil and pump blade
  • Multizone Flow and an example of-Pump Blade cavitation
  • Turbulent Flow, parameters and turbulence solvers
  • Example- Turbulence in Pump Blade simulation

Day 3

  • Example- Cavitation at turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer, Settings and available options for heat transfer modes
  • Examples – Heat Exchanger performance & Convection over fins
  • Conclusion and test

Participant Profile:

Engineers involved in design, fabrication or manufacturing of components. The course will be very useful for trainees or professionals of designing, oil & gas, process, and power industry. The course is equally beneficial for the students and fresh graduates of mechanical, mechatronics, industrial & manufacturing, and process engineering departments interested in design field of engineering systems.

 Instructor Profile:

An experienced and highly qualified professional in the field of CFD will conduct this course.


The course will be delivered through well elaborative lectures, multimedia presentations & tutorials on modern CAD/CAM specific computers.

Learning Outcome:

Participants shall be able to work with ANSYS (CFX) and execute commands to model & analyze engineering components.