The PLC training program introduces the concepts of PLCs and explains how they can be used in a plant or manufacturing system. The program is designed for first time users to make a safe and quick start in getting to know the fundamentals of PLC programming and excel in this field. The proposed workshop equips the participants with practical applications and exercises using programmable controllers in the workplace.

Course coverage:

  • SIMATIC S7 system family overview
  • Training units
  • Installation/maintenance of PLC
  • SIMATIC Manager
  • Symbols
  • Nature of PLCs I/Os, terminologies, PLC system description
  • Communication protocols, communication between PLC and computers
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog input and outputs
  • Hardware configuration
  • Hardware commissioning
  • Binary operations
  • Digital operations
  • Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics
  • Organization blocks
  • Function calls and structural programming
  • Remote I/Os: working and communication with automation system
  • Introduction to HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Programming and designing HMI in WinCC Flexible
  • Communication of HMI with PLC
  • Concept of SCADA
  • Programming and designing SCADA in WinCC Explorer
  • Runtime project examples with practical hand-on exercises

Participants Profile:
Professional engineers and diploma holders, engineering and diploma students, electrical supervisors, maintenance personnel and individuals with basic working knowledge of PLCs.

Instructor Profile:
Mr. Usman Rashid Baig is a Design and Application Engineer and PLC trainings instructor having vast experience in industrial automation. His areas of expertise include Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, PLC and relay logic automation, process automation, encoder, SCADA and automation system communication, etc. Since 2011, Mr. Usman Rashid Baig has been teaching PLC course at Mechatronics Engineering Solutions. He has worked in process plants and automated various machineries for industries like textile, plastic food, chemical, pharmaceutical, shoe, leather, sugar, paper, packaging, power generation, cement, etc.